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Originally Posted by Beau Ouiville View Post
Well, all folks should remember that freedom for religion is for everyone. That has been an American ideal from the birth of the nation even for whom Thomas Jefferson called "Musselmen". Included in that is freedom from anyone else's religion. The arguments about school prayer were whether the new or old Testament would be used, prior to such prayer in public schools being found to be unconstitutional.

If you want nothing pushed in your face, I would advise you to stay home and be very careful about the TV channel you select. You remember all that stuff in the Pledge about "liberty and justice for all"? It is a great sentiment -- written by a socialist.
yeah I remember justice for all except the left thinks they r all thatís my problem see yíall like to turn and twist but contradict a lot see where you wrote freedom of religion and freedom from another religion and calling prayer unconstitutional so the left kills prayer in school to make their side happy, prayer is unconstitutional , how is two men kissing in public not or two women , or men and women using the same bathroom cross dressers having story time , not punishing criminals , giving to those that donít work but are able etc etc LOL. That same pledge says one nation under god .... Flag is mentioned for which it stands so kneeling should be unconstitutional .. but anyways I donít really care Iím gonna do me like always and not be bullied into their ways I was raised the right way Iím not listening to your ignorance

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