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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
How long are these cities going to tolerate these stinking animals? It is far past time to put them underground in unmarked graves!!!!!!! These stinking liberal governors and Mayors are giving this trash the green light by vocalizing support and tying the hands of their police departments. I wish every cop in these cities would walk away ! Why should they risk their lives for governments that would rather have them dead than the criminals in their states and or cities. Yeah, vote for brain dead Biden and Commie Karmala, that will work. The fuse is close to being lit for civil war. I know which side I am on.
Oldtimr has an excellent point. Seriously... A few weeks ago here in Virginia, I went to the local county circuit court office to renew my CWP (it's been 5 years, and I suddenly went... "oh crap"...). Anyway, after I got all my necessary paperwork all done to renew my CWP, I was passing the time inside the building, joking with the LEO on duty, and he told me that I picked the right day to come by to renew my permit. He told me a few months ago (as we've all heard about and/or read...) people were buying up guns and ammo and everything was flying off the shelves every payday. Brand new, first time buyers, attending a "Intro to Handguns 101" type of course at a range, and then they'd go ahead and get their CWP. Well... Those people damn near blew up the background check terminals and servers! The LEO told me that he's seen the line extend out the circuit court office, around the big Atrium, and extend down the other hallway!!

Sh** is getting real, everyone... BLM, ANTIFA... they don't care at all. They'll just shoot you and be done with it!! ALWAYS watch your back, and if you can legally carry - carry!!!

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