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Originally Posted by DJfan View Post
The reality is that there are voters and "leaders" who think that these are appropriate actions. As long as that insanity (bolstered by the media) is allowed to continue, it will last a long time.
I agree that there are people such as you say. I think, though, that too many people see and understand this for what it is and they are going to smash hell out of the Democrats across the board in November. Not just Trump vs Biden, but in US senate races, US house races, governorships, state senate races, state house seats, and mayoral elections. There will be a clear and distinct shift in the dispositions. The Democrats have earned this whuppin. People are just not all stupid enough to not see and understand. SOME, yes, but not enough. Democrats have made a big mistake cozying up with the crazies as they have done.
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