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But ya i can see the humor in it to( thanks all(well most) here for all the informive posts etc)

It is Good to see( mosteveryones posts & in the altmedias etc ) the light being shined on more things like these mentioned here & bringing attention to such things ..... A man they did not even know< ambushed & gunned down in the steet(In America)Murdered- And the leftist/anti fa mobs cheered(danced to i think)- they & many saying he shouldnt be there-( its his fault?) claiming he is a trumper- a white racist/nazi etc( all by default?) Yes thats what "they"- been saying since the last election to(and long before trump to/this type bs been going on)- the medias& mobs/leftist-- attacks progressing to more & more serious ...." They" snuff his( and anyone like him)- this life out & call it good.( like it means nothing( this is now-whats next?) ( killing millions of babys in the wombs like it means NOTHING( harvest the parts "they" want/throw the rest in the trash)-(whats a million more lifes that mean nothing to such ppl.

Imo it aint over yet by far( someone(atf/fbi/dhs/dea etc needed to start charging some of these ppl(like those aboved with terrorist attacks/with future ones to follow/planedetc- With federal charges) by org groups of criminal gangs; also using fed recco laws etc And federal raids( big ones) etc( yes i know somes being done on a fed level/but more is needed( dont hold back)- right now imo anyways)

( the next 60+ days (and after.....- should be intresting)

Trickles(can) turn into streams, into rivers- be it blood or water( id rather not see that happen-( rivers of blood running in the streets)....if possible. (i dont intend to be anyones victim) But it could happen & to my extensive family (14 grandkids etc many others) - not if i can help it

Just be prepared as possible for the times we are living in.....take care.
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