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The forum does not offer the ability to report a "profile". You can only report a member if they post unless im missing it. So the ONLY option is to PM a mod or admin. Well that is very time consuming and fills up your inbox fast. Not one mod or admin has even looked at the profile i posted. The user clearly has a link to a porn site in his profile.

The TOS is very clear about automated user creations being banned. Yet they let it happen so many times a day its pitiful. vBulletin software can easily be configured to "spam block" known sources of spam. Mods with the right permissions can remove every single one in a few seconds if they were allowed to do it. As an admin for a Xenforo based forum i know exactly how easily it can be done. Literally takes me a few seconds to ban, remove and stop any more trying to create accounts. Internet Brands OWNS this forum and OWNS the vBulletin software. There is not a single excuse in terms of software that this should happen 100s of times a day.....Its simple.....the 2 top "dogs" that get the final word here.....LET IT HAPPEN and by letting it happen they encourage it to happen over and over and over.
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