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Historically, that doesn't tend to happen. Even people who run for President and lose rarely come back for a second attempt. Hillary was an exception, not the rule. People who run for VP and lose just about never come back to run for President. By running (and losing), they gain name recognition but lose electability credibility. Consider Tim Kaine in 2016, Paul Ryan from 2012, Sarah Palin from 2008, John Edwards in 2004, Joe Lieberman in 2000, Jack Kemp in 1996, Dan Quayle in 1992, Lloyd Bentsen in 1988, etc. All of them had name recognition and were chosen as VP candidates by losing Presidential contenders. None of them went on to run for President and none were considered Presidential material after that. So Kamala Harris has "raised" her stature and will have killed off her chances of running for President when Biden loses in November. She should have listened to Willie Brown cause he had it right.

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