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Originally Posted by ButchA View Post
Update: Kamala Harris -- "Black"... "African American"... Pffffffttttt.... Please. She is NOT black!

Mother: Shyamala Harris (born and raised in India, in later years immigrated to Canada). ---- INDIAN.
Father: Donald Harris (born and raised in Jamaica, later moved to California). --- JAMAICAN.

Someone explained to me how Kamala Harris claims to be "African American".... *sigh*
Who are you to say she isn't black? it's not an exact term -- Tiger Woods call himself multi-racial.

Face it: She would have been subject to racial discrimination in the fifties and sixties and she self-identifies as black. We have to leave that one alone.

Actually she has an HBCU and AKA in her background -- that means she's more in the black mainstream than Condoleeza Rice! And the meaning of those terms? A black person knows!
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