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I would say she is not too much of a surprise. She has some stature. She has some campaigning and debating skills. Biden could have done worse.

The Democrats will hype the "historic, first black woman" narrative. Again, is that a surprise? Is it surprising that Democrats would campaign on identity politics? "Vote for my ticket because I have a black vice-presidential running mate! Oh, and this black running mate is a woman, too! That is double sweet identity baby! If you don't vote for us you ain't black and/or you ain't a woman!!!"

The Republicans should focus on issues and accomplishments. What has Trump done? What have Trump's deeds accomplished? It should be easy to draw a contrast between what Trump has done -- and will continue doing -- versus what Biden/Harris WOULD HAVE done and WILL DO if elected -- and point out what results from these different deeds.

Yes, it is scary. But it is scary to think of ANY Democrat prevailing in the Presidential election -- because they are all given over to left-wing extremist ideas. What are these left-wing extremist ideas? (1) curtail and over time eliminate your second amendment rights; (2) give reparations to blacks that you get to pay for with your tax dollars, (3) eliminate police departments, (4) lay out the welcome mat for Chinese trade at the expense of middle class Americans, (5) punish American businesses with feel-good regulations, most especially the oil and gas industry, (6) flush untold dollars into the "green new deal" -- translation a slush fund for crony capitalists who has sold themselves to the Democrats, (6) give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. That is a start.
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