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IMO there is no need to bare shaft test for any bow that has center shot. Long bows without center shot yes I would agree. Heck, I don't even paper tune anymore as I feel that is also a waste of time.
The way I tune my bow is easy and fast. All I do is square up my arrow to the string for vertical center then line the string to the center of the limbs and adjust rest until my arrow tip lines up with both or slightly to the left (right hand shooter).
Shoot you bow with properly spined arrows and sight in at 20 yards with field tips. Then shoot your broadheads of choice. Adjust your rest until your BHs and field tips hit the same POI then readjust your sights. Do the same thing at 30 and even 40 yards for even more fine tuning. (note you should only adjust your rest in small increments at a time.)
There are other ways to tune your bow but I find this the easiest and fastest way. Others may have different opinions.
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