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I would generally expect the operating company will continue producing firearms. But they are running from the liability SCOTUS confirmed they carry, and have shifted debt carry and asset value far too much, I canít imagine there is much left buoying the business. Weíll see who ends up picking up the debt in the bankruptcy. I read comparative reports which showed the Navajo Nationís potential offer last month was about half of the valuation they offered in the 2018 bankruptcy filing, and even that has been withdrawn. So there canít be very much perceived value left dangling in the business.

But I do expect weíll see something like Winchester happening long before we stop seeing Remingtonís offered for sale. They wonít any longer be Remingtonís, as the Winís arenít winís any longer, but theyíll still be on the market, made overseas and with a completely different marketing model than they currently carry.

Alternatively, of course, another company with a long history of divestment and acquisition has been Savage. A company which was unfavorably held as the only firearms manufacturing finger in a large outdoor sports conglomeration - and the company carried so much value that the employees themselves raised stakes and bought the company from their umbrella, and are doing swimmingly. And of course, Rugerís trading price is at an all time high, with no end in sight until we get through election time.
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