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Default So what if??

I can't help but think that if Trump were to send in the military to restore order in these places like Seattle, Atlanta, etc., he could win the election by an incredible landslide. I could be wrong, I guess. But it seems as though he is just watching this insurrection like every one else.

Black Lives Matter is obviously a terrorist organization attempting to overthrow the lawful government. Why not just put an end to this barbarian savagery?

Well I will be leaving here tomorrow. Sachiko and the girls have already gone home. She was in tears of happiness when she called me to say she was back home.

As you guys know, I am a senior citizen. I have lived in this country for many years. I cannot believe this is the county in which I grew up.

I miss so many of the guys who used to post here, but we both enjoyed sort of reconnecting. I will be out of here tomorrow. I am kind of tagging along with some guys with political connections, so I should be able to get back with no hassle.

So keep up the good fight. Try to prevent Black Lives Matter and their ilk from taking over the United States of America.
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