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Originally Posted by Valorius View Post
Not really anything complicated that I see. He hit no one, got pulled from his truck, and beat by a mob. I could see giving him a ticket for traveling on a closed off route, I guess.
Not that it excuses the protesters action, but the complication lies in the racial history of the bridge itself, which is why our Governor closed the bridge to allow what was supposed to be a peaceful protest...

I also mentioned that I had worked in shipping. No product came into or left our yard without my signature... The reason I mention this is because we received a lot of product from Canada... As often as not, the Canadian drivers were immigrants of Eastern European decent, which often lead to communication issues... When I saw the drivers name I was reminded of those immigrant drivers. Not sure if the driver in this incident is one of those immigrants, but I did wonder about it. I thought that if he was an immigrant, it may have led to some confusion on his part which led him to cross the barrier, and drive onto that bridge...
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