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Default Barbacoa for dinner last night, pictures

Put it on the smoke at around 9am after I trimmed a lot of fat from the outside and put a moderate amount of Meat Church's Holy Cow beef rub on it as per the recipe. Smoked it at 270 degrees for a little over 2 hours, then took it out and put it in a foil pan and poured my brazing liquid of a head of rough chopped garlic and a diced onion and beef broth over it and put it back in the smoker for 4 1/2 more hours. Served on corn tortillas with choice red salsa and or verde, diced onions, chopped parsley(I do not like cilantro) and cotija cheese and limes for squeezing juice over the top and re fried black beans. The meat was a little more chewy than I would have liked but it was moist and very tasty. It was extremely windy for most of the smoke and I should have been able to set the smoker and forget it but because of the wind I had to spend more time than I would have liked adjusting the smoker temp. I hate to smoke on a windy day. GM I did not have time to go to the store and buy red onions and other ingredients for the pickled onions but I will try them.

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