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Originally Posted by Lunkerdog View Post
I guess that the police murdering Black people is still okay in Texas... No need to worry about rioters... Right? (Pun indented)
No, it isn't, and it didn't happen in Texas.
Minnesota is supposed to be very "progressive." This isn't supposed to happen in the only State that was too smart to vote for Reagan.
Now, the politics in Minneapolis let the obvious murder of a black man stew since Monday until their well cared for, liberally represented citizens are looting and burning down their city, and they have sparked the same carnage across many of other Democrat districts across the whole country. Although, I will say the protests in Dallas and Houston were much more tame.

Couple this with Cuomo in New York letting NYC become a Covid embarrassment (he just doesn't know it), and many other blue states holding on to the Covid virus like a security blanket, and it is starting to cause nausea to more sensible people in the country who know these are crises they will not let go to waste in the mother of all election years.

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