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If that's pointed at me, that's misstating what I intended. If it was aimed at somebody else, disregard. But to explain where I was going with that for GP purposes in the discussion, here's more detail.

If a person has a pre-existing condition, they are more at risk for dying if they get into some kind of struggle or altercation. You or I might not have had as much problem breathing since we don't have high blood pressure and a heart condition. It might have meant the difference in us not dying under same/similar circumstances. The pre-existing conditions wouldn't excuse the cop's poor decision to use a dangerous maneuver like that. What the pre-existing condition(s) would mean is that cops everywhere need to be even more careful because a maneuver they might not think will cause somebody to die can because it's added on top of a pre-existing condition that they wouldn't likely have known about. In essence, a pre-existing condition makes such a police maneuver even more dangerous. In this case, it killed a man. And was entirely avoidable.

It's stuff like this that an autopsy brings out and people who study police use of force issues pay close attention to. So to recap, any pre-existing conditions won't excuse the cop's behavior and won't get him out of any charges. He's still toast. But cops will hear about this case in training and you can bet that pre-existing medical conditions will come up from any autopsy report.

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