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Default Found Everything Needed For Mineral Site

So I have plenty of Lucky Buck, but wanted to make my own mineral lick, the products needed could be found locally but not dicalcium phosphate, I contacted many local places with failure, so I was going to goto Tractor Supply and see if they could order dicalcium phosphate the other products they have. This morning a feed/grain store in PA replied to my email that they have all the products in stock. I drove the 45 min drive to get it, and decided to double my order when they worker told me dicalcium phosphate isn't impossible to get, it just could take weeks. I will add to my mix about a quart of Lucky Buck for scent/flavor......I will put it out next week, as I already have a bucket of Lucky Buck out since this past Thursday

So what I got was:

100 lbs of dicalcium phosphate

200 lbs of Trace Mineral

200 lbs of Stock Salt

Total was $115.00

The Mill in Germansville, Inc.

7130 Bake Oven Road

Germansville, PA 18053

Phone: 610-767-9650

Fax: 610-767-1792

Ingredients: Makes 200 lbs. for about $30.00
1 part Di-calcium phosphate, this is a dairy feed additive bought at feed stores.
Comes in 50lb Bags at around $13.00 you need one bag.
2 parts Trace mineral salt, the red and loos kind without the medications.
Comes in 50lb Bags at around $9.00 you need two bags.
1 part Stock salt, ice cream salt.
Comes in 50lb Bags at around $5.00 you need one bag.

-Use a 3 pound or similar size coffee can to use as your measure for each part of the mix.
-Mix all together well but not until ready to use, keep ingredients separate until ready to put to use.
-Dig or tear up a circle in the soil about 36 inches wide and about 6 inches deep.
-Mix your mineral mixture with the soil.

Maintenance: -Replenish in 6 months with fresh supply of mineral, and then each year there after for maximum attraction and Antler Growth

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