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No time for big time cooking tonight. We had a full day of doing things here around the house. We have a lot of glass on the lake side of the house facing west. The glass on top which are architectural windows let in a lot of heat during afternoons. We tried heat film shades as a first attempt to keep the heat down. All the walk up windows have sun shades and we have a 16 foot wide awning on the deck side which does shade those windows. The windows on top needed something so we tried that heat tempering film. The windows are high and quite large so both Mrs. CI and I were up on ladders putting it up. Yup it was a pain in the ass just like I thought it would be. Got it done though and tomorrow will be in the 90's so lets hope it helps.
Quick easy dinner tonight...Marie Callender's chicken pot pies. Kind of a fall back easy to deal with, Kind of like sending out for pizza when you run out of time, Yeah I know....but I do like them. Couple of tropical rum drinks now that I am off the ladder. Going to finish the fence around the garden tomorrow then Mrs. CI, Bailey the wonder dog and I will be on the beach.

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