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Originally Posted by Lunkerdog View Post
... There used to be a day here that when you posted something as fact, you backed it with info... Seems like that day is gone...
Back in the day, posting a link with a quote was often enforced but for a different reason. One member (he doesn't post anymore) repeatedly quoted people in articles as if it was his own words and sentences. When it was pointed out that he was potentially opening HNI up to a plagiarism problem if the original author and publication wished to sue, he said he was in grad school and everybody does it so it's no big deal. He was advised that this is a business, not grad school and he still needed to list both quotes and links to avoid the issue. He refused and had his posts edited with a warning. He continued violating the rules and got his posts edited with a timeout. He continued to argue and break HNI rules so he got progressively longer timeouts. Eventually he stopped posting (his choice) after a few more back and forth PMs about these issues and a separate hijacking of topics issue. That's actually why the link "requirement" started.

Over the years, a few people (very few) have played a little loose with their facts and/or quotes from articles and have been called on it. After a while, those people learned to provide links and, more importantly, double check their facts. Nobody posting in this topic is in that very small group. Also, part of the give and take in these discussions is a sharpening of one's arguments and a closer analysis of facts. Occasionally a person will speed read through an article and only glean info instead of getting things precisely correct. And sometimes, another member will link a different article with slightly different data or facts. Eventually, the issue gets sorted out and good conclusions are reached. Having said that, links are good unless it's from Forbes because they always want you to pay or join to read their linked article.

Last but not least, most of us have been on some kind of shelter in place unless you live in one of either 5, 7 or 8 states that didn't shut down. None of us anticipated this stay-cation and after a while, people naturally get a bit of cabin fever and even a little on edge. That's simply human nature and especially for Americans as we seem to be born with an innate desire for freedom and get disgruntled quickly when anybody tries to restrict it. So if you feel yourself getting a little on the prod with another member, consider taking one of those vitamin D breaks outside before responding so you can maybe get a bigger picture perspective and maybe avoid another feud, etc. Lord knows, HNI already has enough feuds already between members and even between mods.

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