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Originally Posted by Valorius View Post
In the amount of time you've spent whining about people linking things for you, you could've looked it up yourself 10x over.


This is the last time i'm holding your hand.
So lets review... You posted above that "9 US states never locked down. At all."...

Since my Google is working very well, I knew that wasn't a truth so I then posted... "Name them"... Knowing that you couldn't...

You then changed the # from 9 to 7 states... So you corrected your initial post... Almost... You didn't address my link that suggested that Wyoming, and Utah did have partial lock downs... You can try to prove my link wrong... If you can't, that would bring the # of states that didn't shut down "at all" down to 5... Not sure if that's the truth, but probably won't be digging any further into it...

Ideas, and thoughts are great, posting false realities... Not so much... Thanks for "holding my hand"...

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