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It is very troubling. If the guy is in jail, does he still have to pay for his hotel room? Is he going to get a timely hearing in front of a judge? Will he get adequate defense counsel to defend himself? Since Hawaii is willing to trample on 1 civil right, are they going to trash the rest?

In response to your above statement about experts clarifying their model predictions CI, no, they didn't. They stood in front of cameras with reporters and stated worst case scenarios. They didn't explain any predictions for how much they could reduce those predictions with mitigation measures. Instead, they said they didn't know. Yet they knew the worst case scenarios which were also simply projections or Wild ass guesses. Another way to put it was they scared the crap out of people. It was rightfully part of a discussion on what mitigation measures to take or not but it just wasn't presented that way. Instead, it was presented as stay home cause millions of people are gonna die like some middle ages bubonic plague kind of pandemic.

Trump and the governors needed to hear that as part of their discussion on how to handle the problem. The rest of us deserved to hear the rest of those conversations and we didn't. Remember how they went back and forth on masks? Did you hear why? Ask yourself how many people listened to these experts' partial explanations and then panicked. unnecessarily. Sometimes with tragic results. It doesn't mean they're not experts. It does mean that their actions and statements weren't always above reproach. It doesn't mean we shouldn't listen to what else they have to say. But it does mean we should analyze and consider what they say with some critical thinking skills. And ask a whole lot more questions. Way more than the largely idiot media are asking.
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