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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
some medical experts like Dr. Fauci state their opinion that the numbers have been under reported especially in the beginning.
I have read that as well but as stated it is an opinion and not a documented fact. There is a huge difference. An opinion is basically a hypothesis and a hypothesis, by definition, is not founded on actual evidence. It has been documented (see above for an example) that states are inflating the numbers. On the surface it would seem to make sense that the stated hypothesis would seem valid. However like many such hypothesis, engaging a little common sense and logic dictates otherwise.

When Fauci made that statement he said that is was "possible" that people were dying at home and were not diagnosed as COVID victims. However that is a flawed statement. In the USA if someone dies at home and is not under the care of either a physician or hospice type personnel then it is required by law that they be autopsied. This became a law due to 2 instances of Bubonic Plague in San Francisco and Hawaii. In those cases people were dying of the plague and the authorities were not aware of it until it became a crisis. So if somebody dies at home and is not diagnosed of something then an autopsy must be done to head off any new infectious diseases. In other words, COVID would have been revealed. You can't get the body embalmed or cremated without a death certificate and you can't get a death certificate unless the cause of death is documented. Fauci as a doctor knows this and for that reason knows his "opinion" is flawed.

Fauci has made a number of statements that have proven him to be unreliable. Additionally he has a connection to both the lab in China where they think this may have started and also to the WHO. Plus he made a statement in 2017 that Trump would have to deal with a pandemic. Now how did he know that? You may put a lot of faith in him, I don't. He is an unelected official that is making too many policy decisions for the nation. Many doctors with just as much knowledge and experience have disagreed with him. As Rand Paul noted he is not the "end all" when it comes to this.

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