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Originally Posted by Valorius View Post
When did "We need to flatten the curve" become "We need a cure" before we could return to regular life in America?

What if there is no cure?
You put your finger on it. The goal posts have been moved. Flatten the curve to avoid overflowing our hospitals: legitimate goal. Minimize the deaths from COVID-19: not a legitimate goal.

I think the key point here is . . . . . . this is NOT an emergency. It is not an emergency.

If it is not an emergency, then government does not have the legal authority to do most of the things they are currently doing -- interfering with rights of free assembly among many other things, interfering with restaurants opening and serving customers. This battle can be fought at every level. Governors can be sued. Mayors can be sued. None of these governmental entities have the authority to infringe our civil rights. All it takes is a few -- maybe a lot -- of court challenges.

People are mesmerized by this thing. They should not be. People die. It happens. People get sick and die. Why are we not freaking the hell out about cardiovascular disease and stroke deaths? These are more than an order of magnitude greater in number than deaths from COVID-19. Likewise cancer deaths. Why are COVID-19 deaths worse and more appalling than cardiovascular and stroke and cancer deaths? We have let the news media make us think this is a more dangerous and urgent thing than it is.

End the government pretexts that this is an emergency, and then end the shutdowns.
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