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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
With the sheer #'s of people dying and the rush to make room for the expected onslaught of corona victims, I knew there simply wouldn't be enough capacity to conduct autopsies and determine all causes and main causes of death. I heard that heart attacks, cancer deaths and the usual leading causes of death were all way down on #'s. When I heard the fed was paying hospitals for corona victims, that sealed the deal. Hospitals were not allowed to have non-essential surgeries and their revenue was dried up. Then the feds offer to pay them for each corona victim. It's not ethical but it's also not surprising that a lot of hospitals mislabeled deaths as corona when the actual #'s were probably a lot lower. It doesn't mean corona isn't a problem, just that it's been way over reported as far as deaths.
That's certainly an opinion shared by many people Cal. On the flip side some medical experts like Dr. Fauci state their opinion that the numbers have been under reported especially in the beginning. I see that Russia is experiencing a dramatic case load increase in the past week or so. I wonder what mitigation they enacted?
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