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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
I wonder why that is flags. Do you think they hide in academia to avoid real life?
They are protected. Just like this article states, once they get tenure they are virtually untouchable. Plus they all seem to relish in being in a position of authority where they can basically brainwash the kids. They do this by peer pressure. Very few of todays youth are willing to stand up to BS and take a stand. Those that do have the guts to do it are isolated and shouted over and eventually they just shut up to get along. In my humble opinion this is an intentional system. From the time kids are 6 or 7 years old everyone is telling that that they MUST go to college in order to get a good job. That is of course a lie but they kids are groomed for becoming mindless cogs in the machine throughout their entire school experience.

You also have to remember that all the higher up and senior people in education these days were all young during the hippy era of the 1960s. Many of them have never lost the "flower child" mentality and it carries through on all that they do. We have a art teacher at my school that is a really nice gal but you can tell she was a hippy in her younger days. It is what it is.
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