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Homemade turkey meatballs and creamy kale pesto sauce. The meatballs are seriously good. Pretty simple to make also.

2 lbs 93% lean ground turkey (no salt added)
1 Cup Panko bread crumbs
1 Jumbo egg
1/4 Cup grated real Parmigiano-Reggiano
3 TBS heavy cream
2 Heaping TSP Tuscan Seasoning (MySpiceSage no salt added)
1-2 TBS Dried parsley or 2-4 fresh
1 TSP Aleppo pepper or just some crushed pepper flakes like you see at pizza joints.
1 TSP Onion powder
1 TSP Kirkland granulated garlic
White pepper to taste. 1/4 tsp is about what i used.

If you dont have heavy cream, milk is fine or 2 large eggs instead of jumbo.

Combine the ground turkey and Tuscan seasoning. Set aside in the fridge over night or 24hrs for flavors to meld.

When the ground turkey is well seasoned combine the rest of the ingredients
Make roughly 2-3 TBS sized meatballs
Fry your meatballs in Avocado oil.

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