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Nuggets the thing I didn't see mentioned is what game you plan on hunting? Or maybe I missed it. That could make a big difference in the broadhead design. If you plan on hunting those big thick water buffs I would suggest a solid cut on contact broadhead like a G5 Monotec. For smaller game such as deer size its hard to beat a Rage 2 blade. The ones designed for crossbows leave a devastating wound channel.
As far as crossbows go too you don't have to spend $1000 plus on them. I have a CenterPoint Sniper 370 that is super accurate and plenty powerful enough for even the biggest game at 175# draw weight. (I actually have 2 of them - one for my grandson). And the price is well below $300. The money you save on the crossbow you can use to get more bolts and broadheads.
Best of luck
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