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well you would be wrong about an arrow following thru in diresction of impact like
they can hit things from twigs unseen by human eye at time of firing to bones in deer, a deer moving after impact can also send a bolt/arrow into the un known direction, and not staying true to the flight it was taking!

same as a bullet, both can have there path of flight alters both before impact on animal and after!
no real difference here
and as for broadheads, to me, I look at them as disposable items, just like bullets more or less
I shoot one deer with mine and I call it quits on that broadhead
this is,me , many I am sure do not do this

but you also have to consider things like impacts and how they can effect things,
they can throw a broadhead off balance, center or just re sharpening them over and over can change there weights, causing again, differences in flying true and point of aim changes and so on!
I also do this with my bolts and arrows

I keep arrows/'bolts for target practice, and one's for hunting separate!
(again many I know don;t do this)

the one's for hunting get shot few times, just to check to make sure they fly true, and then ONLY get used for hunting
MY feeling are that bolts/arrows that get shot a LOT, weaken over time, can get slight damages-and the time to find out one is on its way down, is not crunch time(and yes any arrow can have issues at any time)
bolts/ arrows , are like helmets , they have shelf lives, and they are not made for repeated impacts, each impact weakens things
metals can get fatigue just like anything else

shooting targets made to catch arrows/bolts have softer impacts and allow for lots more shot's per shaft before any issue can show up
but hit things like bones, rock's, tree's hard ground and so on, in a pass thru on a kill, or missing a target, or for those folks that empty there X boxs into the ground, and you can find, your arrow/bolts shafts have damaged you cannot see, but there there??

so, when it comes to buying things, I personally buy what I feel works best for me, and I used and stop using as I feel fit to
I don;t believe in pushing the limits or my luck, when hunting, spend too much time energy and money in off season to get ready, to be cheap when the final time comes to actually hunt and shoot AT a deer or??? animal~

and again, this is ME, and my way of doing this
I am sure others will disagree, and reuse things countless times and NEVER have a issue

but as in life, some folks also win the lottery, doesn't mean I will if I play!
and then again, you have to PAY to play!

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