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It is good of you to take the time. Yes, in any interest or hobby, people will outlay to further their interest, having something someone else doesn't, or on the expectation of either looking or being better at it. I've always had the mentality to buy something that lasts, rather than a much cheaper item that has to be replaced more. I've noted this outlook even more so the older I get, because the annoyance factor of doing something, going to get something else to complete the task and it then it failing to do its job. Maybe I'm getting a bit cratchety. I'd assume bolts are easier to find. A bullet will strike bone and whang off in any direction, but a bolt I assume should continue on it's path as the shaft will ensure it travels in a certain direction, local to where fired from, in a line on route. So walking that route would more ensure actually finding it in brush.

My understanding has always been that firearms are all about impact force, with blood loss. Crossbow hunting is more about blood loss. Simplistically, a punch versus a knife cut.
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