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Default Expensive Broadheads?

Hi, I'm from Blighty, so no hunting with arrows over here! I do feel that we have a rich history of such things though. With the lockdown, I have plenty of time to muse the internet. I've started to look towards hunting, I've always had the inclination, but will have to go farther afield when the world issue changes, which gives me time to save. I started looking at Crossbows, although even target shooting with them over here seems to be looked upon as not something you want to be associated with. I know little, except what I read on the internet.

Regards crossbow hunting, I contacted a major brand with questions. They professionally responded, and stated that their, very powerful, product was designed for the bolt to completely pass through the animal. I assume that is to cause more damage and to ensure it bleeds more rapidly, killing the animal quicker, and making it easier to find. I suppose my question is, why would you spend a lot of money on broadheads, if on occasion they are lost to the woods. I see some, Holy Trinity, costing $125 each. I initially thought that long term savings make these an excellent option, but when I read of pass through, hence my contacting the brand, then surely this gets very expensive? Unless you are firing from a high position with ground behind the shot, or have an adequate backstop. Those are not always likely though. Are such Broadheads for much larger game? Bears, Elk, something larger or with denser bone so the bolt is retained in the animal, it then bleeds out / dies from its injuries and the bolt can then be collected.

With firearms, shots cost money, and are a basic outlay over time. My initial expectations were that this would not be the case with crossbow shooting. I do see that there are various items that ensure you can find the bolt, such as LED's, but even so, do people expect to look for the needle in the haystack?

This may be basic, and obvious to you guys, but I thought I'd join and ask.
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