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Originally Posted by hunters_life View Post
You know the reason CQ hasn't been raised up more here in the US is completely biased by big pharma don't you? FDA is big pharma's lapdog. And quite honestly, I personally feel that much of this shutdown was unneeded. If people would have simply used a little common sense and used basic flu protocols, such as washing hands and not sneezing and coughing in someones face. You know, what your mothers taught you when you were little. This thing got way overblown in the media and anyone with some slight intelligence can see it. Of course it is going to spread like wildfire in big cities where people live stacked up on top of each other and packed into subways and buses and have absolutely 0 manners like most city people.

You speak as though intelligence and common sense is still a common commodity in the US. It has not been for some time. What we have now is "I want it, and I want it now and I don't want to have to pay anything for it". That paying for it extends to way beyond money.
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