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The thing about Trump is he didn't have 30 years in politics to learn how to talk like a politician. He is basically a construction worker in an expensive suit and I for one like the fact he does not speak like a politician. Remember it was career politicians with their polished words that screwed everything up and set the stage for Trump to win in 2016. He was not my first choice in the last race. I liked Cruz and then Rubio. However neither of those 2 could have beat Broom Hilda. Trump was the only one that could do it and I had absolutely no issues pulling the lever for him considering the alternative. As the your blurb about him "making a fine dictator" I think that is a pretty foolish statement. I have seen nothing dictatorial in anything he has done. Quite the opposite he has come down on the side of the people and the constitution a lot more than he has come down against them. The ones you have to worry about in being dictators is whoever the DEMs nominate.

Normally I see pretty much eye to eye on you but on this you have your knickers in a knot for no reason. Trump will be reelected in Nov. You may as well come to grips with it. Or do you really want Crazy Uncle Joe or another DEM miscreant running the show?
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