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I like my low recoiling 527 in 7.62x39. The 30 caliber round has a good sound effect on my steel targets. My brother hunts squirrels with his downloaded 223 rounds from his 527.

The earlier models had more beautiful Turkish walnut stocks than the present day new one's for sale. I bought mine about three years ago.

Though I believe that the squarish rear end of the 527 receiver has a thonk (that I also read about on social media)...which has a tendency to crack the wooden stock at the left top rear of the receiver --- Much like mine did (1/4" crack), at around the 800 round mark.

My bolt was also stiff working when I bought the new rifle. The outfit that does repair work on the CZ's in the U.S., not only quickly replaced my cracked stocked, but they slicked-up the bolt as well.
I don't know the procedure for slicking-up a rifle bolt from a bolt action --- other than working the bolt thousands of times --- but if you can find someone that can smooth out the bolt on that CZ Mauser action of yours --- I would highly recommend it.

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