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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse View Post
yeah right. Like Trump said, you don't even know what he did wrong. Stone is guilty of not remembering what he wrote in emails over a year old. You would also have a reservation in the cell right beside him if you were questioned and they dug up posts from HNI from a year ago that ran counter to your answers.
What are you talking about? That is not a reasonable comparison by any stretch of the imagination.

You could perhaps make a case for the suggested sentence being too long and not be far off. We put people away for long periods of time here as a part of the old get tough on crime mindset. I think it indicates a simple minded approach to a complicated issue. Hopefully, we will see meaningful reforms in the near future. But Stone's case is not about that. it's about the DOJ operating independently of political pressure. Trump tweets and Barr jumps. That's the problem.

Even Barr seems to have had enough. Or at least he is thinking more about self preservation.

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