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That is the same nonsense that those who favored the stupid change were spewing. What you fail to understand is that the change messed up things for thousands of hunters who have a camp tradition and the way things are today the loss of tradition is a very bad thing. For a few whiners the opening day was changed and it does not make up for the damage it did to those who have the camp tradition. It creates a problem for camp hunters to be with their families on Thanksgiving and then heading for camp and taking care of all the things necessary to prepare the camp for the season. You hunt in Ohio, I suppose Ohio has their own traditions but it is obvious you do not understand the damage that was done with the stupid change of the opening day. When a change hurts as many or more than it helps, it should not be considered, to help the Johnny come lately snowflakes who thought they should be catered to the PGC stuck it to loyal and persistent hunters. I hope they change it back fir the 20/21 season.
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