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Default Montana Hunting 2019

Another year of hunting is in the books. This year was a challenge like everywhere else. We had the most moisture I can ever remember. We sell our calves it two groups every year. The first group we had to cancel for two weeks due to snow and ice storms and the second group we had to cancel for a week. Our hunters were still able to fill their tags before the storms hit. There were some nice 4x4 mule deer bucks and some cow elk taken off this year. I was so far behind I wasnít able to get any pictures of what was taken off. Our hunters showed up and filled and had to hurry home before the next storm hit. I did get some nice ones that were still left afterwards I posted them on my homepage here. We have a few openings for archery next year and so far we donít have any antelope hunters lined up for next year either. I hope everyone else had a good year as well and were able to get out and home without any trouble. Good Luck and Good Hunting.
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