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Originally Posted by Mr. Slim View Post
first off, if it is the President that is being impeached, he or she must have done something against the Constitution. the house cannot just declare to impeach a President. in Trumps case its him having held the money from Ukraine and asking the Ukraine president to investigate the Bidens. also Trump is abusing the power of the office by telling people not to testify. we will just have to wait and see what happens.
You obviously don't know the fact or what you're talking about.

First it's the President's job to ensure there is no corruption in the countries we give aid to and no corruption by current and former government officials. Specifically in the call, Trump says Barr will be reaching out. That's because there is a current on going investigation into 2016 corruption. Also, everyone of the so called fact witnesses the Dems called in all stated Ukraine had a history of corruption. By law, Trump has to ensure our money isn't going to corruption. Btw, we also have FBI offices all around the world to work with foreign governments to do investigations on Americans.

Next, just because Congress demands, the President is under no obligation to jump. The Executive Branch is coequal to the Legislative Branch. Congress is required to seek relief from the courts to make the decision on who has to do what. You need to ask Congress why they have dropped their challenge .

Last, if you haven't been paying attention, this has all been political. As Professor Turley said yesterday, if the Democrats go ahead and impeach the President now, they are the ones abusing their power. You know what? The American people see that as a fact which is why Trump's approval ratings are up. The Democrats have tanked in the battleground states.
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