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Originally Posted by jnicholes View Post

So, as the title says, I was injured while I was duck hunting on Sunday. Here is what happened:

I shot a male mallard, and it fell in the water. I got my waders on and went out to get it. While in the ice cold water with my waders on, I slipped and fell in the water completely. Struggling, I had to abandon the duck and swim back to shore. No duck is as important as my life.

I almost died, but I was able to make it to the shore. It was a near death experience. Very scary.

I am letting you all know I am okay, and I made it out with only a big bruise on my leg that is very painful.

Be safe while you are hunting.

Looks like you found out why you should wear a pfd in cold water in the winter. If you are shooting over water, a canoe or small boat is a better idea than waders. I hunt ducks out of a boat and I wear chest waders and a PFD and I have been in cold water in December. You cannot be too prepared.
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