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Some people liked TDWW, some didn't.
There were some people that were banned that left me wondering "Why?"
There were some people that were banned and I thought "It's about time" Unfortunately the melt down had not just started, it was in full swing. I'm not saying names, but there was one person in the middle of it.

How can we get this place to be the way it used to be? I have no idea. There is no one here that can wear blue undies, while mounting a toilet seat on the bumper of his truck.
where is hikchick? Recently married.
where is sunset? Traveling nurse, busy
Where is hntngrl?
Where is judiboi? married, children, attorney, very busy life. We watched as he grew up and became a man.
Where is 4pt? TeeJay? Buckinthewoodz? Who? Mastev? Sachiko?
I could name others, but it wont help. This place needs people that have real good personalities that makes others want to have a conversation. I don't have that type pf personality so I tend to not reply to posts.
I often thought of 99% of the people here as my invisible friends.

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