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Some were probably debating themselves since during those times establishing an alias was something many did. I have always been CI and even when banned I just went elsewhere to get my internet hunting forum fix. I figured if they didn't want me then I wouldn't spend my time here. I got put back by Christine but had to make a few promises about my future posting. I am happy to say that I have kept my word. Having good, consistent and fair moderation is the key to keeping people in line and still allowing some fun. What happened in the past was a disaster and from my perspective shouldn't have gone that far. I am really surprised admin didn't step in since it was very apparent that abusive use of power was happening. Most of the regulars that were affected never came back even though they were invited back either by Pm or word of mouth. For those newer members who wonder what it was like ...all I can say is there were pages and pages of new posting just in the Off Season Forum. From my recollection that one forum was probably one of the most popular spots on HNI. I've tried a few times to rattle the cage a bit and try to entice a few of the older guys back but sad to say they don't seem to come back. Some of them have passed unfortunately. I guess that remembrance of HNI will have to rest in our aging minds and one day even that will be gone.
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