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I can confirm from the horse's mouth (so to speak) that Tardfarmer was Stealthy. Another thing that would always bring Brad back was any discussion of abortion. Stealthy was going to come back about a year ago but only if he could reestablish his original Stealthycat moniker. He no longer had access to his original email account used to establish the name and Admin wouldn't budge on giving him access to it, even with me vouching for him. I really wish we could have made that happen as Stealthy was a large part of this place when it was hopping.

I also wish TopDawgWoofWoof would come back because it was just plain fun to read his topics and the topics that he hijacked (yes, hijacked) with his antics. Those were the days. I've seen a few similar characters like him on other websites and they always generate lots of activity for members who do just what you said-sit back and enjoy the show. Like you say, a lot of those "feuds" were just buddies giving each other a hard time. It was almost like they were sitting next to each other with respective laptops at times and laughing about the show they were posting for the rest of the members.
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