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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
Many of us would like to see HNI implement some type of software upgrade so those spammers can't join as members and can't post. Admin doesn't want to mess with these spammers since they aren't posting anything. The 2nd much smaller group of spammers join as bogus members and then post a spam topic or spam post in somebody else's legitimate topic. This group is usually less than 5-10 per day and are the ones members file complaint tickets about and either mods or Admin remove (permaban) them and the soft-delete their posts so members can no longer see them. Although both types of spammers are annoying, I honestly don't think either type of spammer causes members to stop posting here.
I agree with this -- the small amount of spam is not causing anyone to stop posting. It's all Google and Facebook that's caused a decline. But we are still here!

And we've discussed in the mods' forum, but it's worth repeating here: we have a LOT of antispam controls on this site. If we turned them off, all you'd see is spam. I wish we could be 100% spam free, but that's not possible as long as we continue to allow people to create profiles and post freely. The tiny amount of spam here is testimony to the mod team, and to our techs' efforts at stopping as many as we can at the source.


Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
Yes, another hunting message board. I wouldn't say they were quick to censor or ban, they do try to keep control and dump the spammers which is a tough job. There are less moderators here than there used to be and I suspect that is why the spammers are running wild. Moderators are volunteers who have a life and regular jobs and can't spend all their time dumping spammers.
When you say "running wild... what do you mean? I see a small handful of spam posts per week on HN. This place actually has a teeny tiny amount of spam compared to most forums.
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