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Originally Posted by Cub Slayer View Post
"The other message board is very vigilant..."

Please clarify. Do you refer to another section of, or an entirely different website? I think making a religion section was a fantastic idea for the reasons you cite. If people want to discuss religion, they can come here. Religious discussions can remain outside of hunting threads so everybody is happy.

I ask about the forum because I am a refugee from another hunting forum that sounds like you describe - quick to censor, quick to silence, quick to ban. Banning spammers is one thing - quite different from banning unpopular but on-topic opinions.

Yes, another hunting message board. I wouldn't say they were quick to censor or ban, they do try to keep control and dump the spammers which is a tough job. There are less moderators here than there used to be and I suspect that is why the spammers are running wild. Moderators are volunteers who have a life and regular jobs and can't spend all their time dumping spammers.
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