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Originally Posted by Cub Slayer View Post
Accused criminal, spy, and rapist. Convicted of nothing. That's the injustice. If he's guilty, try him, convict him, and lock him up. If he's not guilty, let him go, although he has only himself to blame for the time in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Personally, I believe he is guilty of espionage, as the evidence is damning, but the other stuff, evidence seems contrived. Frankly, I don't understand it - Who needs a rape conviction if you can get an espionage conviction? Kinda like ordering a diet coke with your 1,500 calorie burger.
Well, the rape charge is in Sweden and the espionage case is centered in the USA. So, apples and oranges except for the for the overall pattern of pathological criminality. Assange was given the opportunity to stand trial and clear himself. He chose not to and jumped bail.
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