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Chuck 7, The only reason I'm posting here is because I'm experiencing the same thing you are on another forum. A year or two ago a popular trad archery forum I loved dropped both the pol and Christian forums. A Canadian group was buying up many hunting/shooting forums and seemed to not want these distractions as part of their plan. One member who was a moderator on another trad archery forum asked us to come over after he gained permission to start a new Christian Faith and Fellowship forum there. What we found out was there would only be a few who really participated and a few more who only read the posts and gave brief comments. Now it has dwindled to the same degree you folks have here. So very sad.

I was here from 2006 thru 2011 following mostly the inline forum and discussions. Hunting and shooting was pretty much dominating my life until I was called out of the woods and into a home church and my life was changed. I've shared what happened on line many times on the other two forums and with others over the years. When our Lord said that narrow is the way and that few find it, I'm finally realizing just how true His statement is. Even for a born again believer, denying self daily so that self is crucified with Christ and we are walking in the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is much tougher than I once thought. Self is very well established within us all and doesn't die or go away easily. The battle for our soul rages. The Church for the most part does not seem to focus on Romans 5 thru 8 or produce enough mature Christian overcomers to help the newborns in Christ to survive.

So, we wind up with many Christians who lack the zeal they were born with at the new birth. It is so easy to drift into complacency and a luke warm walk. I think the baby boomer generations for the most part are inclined this way. Life, for the most part, was easy for us. We seem to take so much for granted - even experiencing the moving and hand of God and the Holy Spirit in our lives as He shows Himself to us. When you try to discuss life in the Spirit beyond the initial salvation experience and our position and go into sanctification and our condition it seems like you are leaving the comfort zone so many have found in Church. Anything negative or discussing the many warnings of Jesus and the Apostles is seen as negative or as law and folks back off.

We are so inclined to want to be able to do something that relying upon Christ and what He did at the Cross and what He can still do for us is lost to many. How many today can tell of what it is like when by grace through faith in Jesus and who and what He has done, the Holy Spirit hears and moves to free us of life long chains that bound us to whatever sinful ways seemed to dominate and control our lives? Who can also speak to the necessity then to go and sin no more so that the same sin does not enter back in and re take control? It seems like in today's atmosphere not many want to talk about such things - or can.
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