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On a somewhat reflective note, sasquatch/bigfoot is a myth. Anyone with 3 functioning brain cells who really stops to think about can see why it is a myth. For one thing in order to have a viable species of large mammals to exist in the amount of time that this thing has been talked about would require at least 150 individuals to maintain genetic diversity. In other words there would have to be a breeding population. Think about that for a minute.

Now consider that in the settlement phase of this nation hunters and trappers went into every possible niche in this land. They nearly wiped out the beaver, the elk, the grizzly, the wolf, the bison etc... But not one of these professional killers ever shot a sasquatch or even found one dead? Not one bone. Not one sample of flesh. Not one tooth. Not one piece of actual physical evidence. Sorry but I don't buy it.

Then you hear about so called cases where people have hit the things with cars. Where is the blood? Where is the tissue? Where it the body? Moose get hit by cars and I once saw a bison get hit by a car and the car stopped that critter right there. Seems reasonable that is you hit a 7 foot tall primate with a car it would sure as heck break a leg or 2 and such an animal would be easy to track down.

Sasquatch hunters would be better off trying to catch a fart in the wind that chase this myth around.
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