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As I usually find these days, the narrative here is anything but plain and lucid. I heard the guy say Trump's war on the deep state is turning against him. That is colossally mistaken, simply in the context of what the guy is saying. Doesn't he get that? How does it turn AGAINST Trump to have the DoJ outing the criminal behaviour of the fifth column force in government that illegally tried to stop Trump's election?

I take heart in supposing that there are actually being criminal accusations made against the Russian collusion investigation. The FISA warrant thing is itself MUCH worse than Watergate.

Watergate: a small squad of buffoons are engaged to break into and gather intelligence from DNC offices in the Watergate hotel. These buffoons were not government employees. That effort was not given any institutional support from CIA, NSC, FBI, DoJ. A small group of buffoons.

contrast with FISA warrant
FISA warrant: corrupting serious judicial processes designed to prevent ever the use of US intelligence services against US citizens (much LESS use of US intelligence services against a political candidate of the opposition party). In this process, the DNC is complicit -- paying money to get the bogus ginned-up Steele dossier in the first place, support from FBI, NSA. Do you see the difference? You don't have non-government buffoons taking a case and briefs before a federal judge -- signatures on the paperwork of officers of the court, bar certified attorneys -- corrupting a very serious process. Bigger than Watergate.

Anyway, to the extent DoJ will be starting criminal proceedings . . . BRAVO!!!
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