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Default Unusual Encounter


Over the course of the last few years, I have been speaking with hunters & other outdoors people/ both men & women that have had unusual encounters while out in the woods hunting, fishing; whether in their stand, their blind, out on their boat, going to or coming from their spot. Now, when I say, “unusual encounter”, I am talking about something that you might have heard stories about, maybe even made jokes about, but never expected to see yourself, because you never actually took it seriously.

Now that you have, you don’t know who to speak with, worried that you might face the same ridicule, jokes or worse. Well, that’s why this posting was created here & on other sites; we are tracking those encounters, cataloging their details in an attempt to gather data on the subject in an attempt to figure things out.

You probably have questions, you might have concerns, possibly not sure who you can ask to get answers regarding any of those questions or concerns. There is no ridicule here, just honest answers.

What we are asking is for you to click on the email link below and please tell us about what occurred, where it occurred, date, time and all the details that you can and are willing to provide.
If you want, you can provide a number if you want a call back to discuss further, or you can ask any questions you want in the email and we will respond back.
We may email back asking for clarification on certain details, so please dont be surprised if you do get a response asking for additional details.

Thank you for your assistance.

Please click on this email link; [email protected]
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