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Default NorthWest Missouri Deer Hunt

Willing to trade a Missouri deer hunt for a Canadian fishing trip.
Stands are set on 300a over 3 farms, lodging provided, 5 day hunt, 6 night stay is what is our normal trade is, can be flexible.. Cabin has everything you need and is modern, not fancy, but very comfortable. Cabin sleeps 3. I personally own the farms you'll be hunting. The setup is, I meet you at the home farm, show you around the home farm, take you to the other farms, show you all the stand locations answer all your questions and leave you to hunt. You're responsible for you transportation, tags, and food. Missouri tags are OTC, cost is $228. Archery permit allows you 2 deer and 2 turkeys. Rifle tag is 1 deer of any sex.
Rifle season is Nov 16-26, you can hunt with a bow during rifle, but limited to rifle limits. I've traded multiple times, have references.

Looking for similar trade on the fishing side.Prefer Central/Western Ontario, Manitoba, Eastern Saskatchewan.

Rifle season is 4 weeks out....
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