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Originally Posted by Timbrhuntr View Post
Great hunt congats on the bull ! When I used to hunt moose with a rifle we decided to go with 700 win mags or 338 with heavier bullets as alot of the guys shooting the 30-06 and 270s with lighter bullets seemed to have lost moose on long tracks but the heavier calibre seemed to drop them pretty quick.
Thank you.. I dropped him on the first shot which appears to be a little low on the neck. I saw him thrashing trying to get up and went in hoping to get behind him for a behind the ear shot. But I was on the wrong side of him. I couldn’t believe it when he got up and I was only about ten feet from him. He was looking straight at me. I thought he was going to charge me or something and fired halfway between his eyes and his nose. It was a direct hit and he turned and went the other way. I fired as he was leaving and missed on that one. But I could of gotten the 180 grain bullets and maybe done better? I think his adrenaline had him go so far. The blood trail was unbelievable so I am not so sure a heavier rifle would of made much difference.
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