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best advice is get out there and go look over possible places
look at what is growing there, to figure out what there eating
follow trails back from possible food sources to find bedding area's and look for beds!
also while out, look for sign that other people have been hunting there, nothing sucks more than finding a good spot, going in to hunt it and finding someone else there already
so, look for signs others might be using same area to set up, look for markings on tree's from climbers and or like things

hunting is a skill and a never ending learning trade, the more time and effort you put into it, the more you will learn, and the better you will become at it
its NOT all about killing a deer or??
its about learning what deer do, eat , what keeps them alive and then , trying to outsmart them and getting in between where there at and going to be!
it takes time to get good at it, just have fun, and put time in, noting beats putting in time in the outdoors and paying attention to things while there.
you'll learn way more being out there than anything you will reading it!
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